Laiye Selects VSTECS to Power its Distribution Strategy and Accelerate its Global Growth


Laiye, Asia's leading intelligent automation provider, has announced that VSTECS Holdings (VSTECS), a leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) products and services provider in Asia Pacific, will become its second chief distributor. 

This partnership between Laiye and VSTECS will fulfil the technology-led potential of both companies, paving the way for digital transformation of businesses all throughout Asia. The strategic partnership was concluded in October in Beijing.    

VSTECS has expertise in developing IT ecosystems and digitalising supply chain management across Asia. Through this alliance, Laiye aims to integrate RPA and AI technology into automation and business expansion of enterprises in the region.  

Guanchun WANG, Chairman and CEO of Laiye said, “We are honoured to add VSTECS as our distribution partner and look forward to working together to extend our RPA and AI partner network, which will help more customers adopt intelligent automation. We are confident that this partnership will also accelerate Laiye’s global expansion into new markets.” 

According to Deloitte, organisations that adopt intelligent automation at scale can enjoy 21% cost reductions if they have the technology and infrastructure in place, compared to only 13% cost reductions for those without them. 

“Together with Laiye, we will introduce and expand RPA and AI partnership ecosystems through VSTECS’ cloud headquarters and its vast partner channels in the region,” said Gu Sanjun, CEO of VSTECS China. “In 2022, we will be doubling down on partnership recruitment to drive exponential growth and create a vibrant ecosystem in Asia.” 

Laiye has a global team across Latin America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, working with enterprise customers in the insurance, communications, electric power, finance, retail, healthcare industries to build end-to-end automation solutions.    


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