Laiye Closes $50 Million in Series C+ Funding

April 30 2021

Laiye, Asia’s leading Intelligent Automation provider, announced today it has raised $50 million in series C+ funding in a round jointly led by Ping An Global Voyager Fund and Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Industry Equity Investment Fund, with participation from Lightspeed China Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital China, and Wu Capital.

Laiye Ranks As Having The Highest Number of RPA Patent Applications In The World

April 26 2021

Did you know today is World Intellectual Property Day? And on this topic, did you know that we have the highest number of RPA related patent applications in the world? Read more here.

How to Accelerate Business Success with Low-Code Automation

March 24 2021

Low-Code automation tools have recently claimed the spotlight by proving their business value in the COVID-19 climate — and showing us that they truly are the future of work. Read more here to learn how they drive innovation and accelerate business success:

Forrester: The State Of Robotic Process Automation Maturity In Asia Pacific

March 15 2021

Forrester recently identified Asia's RPA market to be quite unique compared to Europe and North America. Why exactly and what are its peculiarities? We summarize Forrester's analysis to answer these questions. Read here:

Airlines Accelerate Digital Transformation with RPA

December 16 2020

How can airlines recover from one of the greatest disruptions in the aviation sector? Well, many are turning to RPA after realizing its tremendous potential for the aviation industry. Read more below.

How RPA Makes A Powerful Impact on IT: 4 Use Cases

December 08 2020

Today, the main sign of a modern enterprise is the strength of its information technology (IT) capabilities. The IT division often lays the groundwork for other departments to function at their optimal level. From introducing valuable technology to securing data, it is a force for change that is critical to how every organization operates.

How A Logistics Provider Boosted Customer Satisfaction through RPA

November 22 2020

No more mistaken deliveries, no more errors, no more complaints. Yes – it’s every logistic provider’s dream. But one company turned it into reality. Find out how below.

How an IT giant used RPA to boost employee productivity

November 18 2020

Want your employees to be more productive? Give them an automated helping hand. That’s exactly what one major IT provider did. Read more below to find out how!

How Laiye’s RPA Answered the World’s Largest Mobile Operator’s Automation Needs

November 15 2020

China Mobile felt that many business processes in their customer service sector could significantly benefit from automation — for both customers and employees. Laiye’s AI-powered RPA simplified tedious processes at the front-end, making customer service speedier and error-free, bringing smiles to the faces of customers and employees.